We imbibe in the Power of Story, to evoke feeling, inspire thought, and influence change.
We treat the Story as a journey and we as Storytellers are the guides.
We deliver Stories fuelled by inclusion and collaboration.
We convey the Story through production, unconstrained by media, genre, or technology.
We tell our Stories to immerse and transport audiences across time, space, and memory.
We empowerStories with our knowledge to allow creators to unlock their imagination.
We are Studio 309. We bring Stories to life.

Studio 309 is an established production house providing production services, equipment and studio rentals to an array of media projects. Our business focuses on matching knowledge, skill and personality to creativity in order to successfully produce projects. Producing over 50 projects a year, encompassing a variety of narratives and a range of budgets from 1 Lac to 1.5 Cr, our company continues to diversify and expand our portfolio. As a team of in house and external producers our company promotes a community uniquely creating a trusted network of experienced crewmembers, vendors and resources.

Our Team, Our Location, Our Infrastructure and Our Creativity are the four consolidated pillars of our success. With Continuous Evolution, Reinvention and Augmentation Studio309 has established itself as master innovator.

Studio309 with it's in house talent pool and state of the art equipment is operational 24x7, all 365 days delivering projects, meeting deadlines, within budgets and exceeding expectations. The grapevine hierarchy of our corporate structure grants complete creative freedom to all subsidiaries and the pooling of resources for a perspective view and consolidation required for Turnkey Solutions.

Studio309 is the Brain-Child of Ruby Singh. He after graduating from Vancouver Film School in 1996 and working for several years in North America and trotting across 17 countries spanning the Globe, was keen on Organizing & Corporatizing the vast Human Talent available in India while integrating the professionalism of North American Work Culture and Technology from across the Globe. His Vision to make New Delhi a hub for Professional, Artistic, Technological and Innovative Activities led to the establishment of Studio309 in 2004.